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1 Ta'ahine Polynesian Young woman. F
2 Taahira Muslim Variant of Tahirah: Pure. Chaste.. F
3 Taaj Muslim Variant of Taj: Crown.. F
4 Taanach Biblical Who humbles thee, who answers thee. F
5 Taanach-shilo Biblical Breaking down a fig-tree. F
6 Tabatha Aramaic Gazelle F
7 Tabbath Biblical Good, goodness. F
8 Tabby Aramaic Diminutive of Tabitha: Gazelle. F
9 Taberah Biblical Burning. F

10 Tabetha Aramaic Gazelle F
11 Tabia Egyptian Talented. F
12 Tabita Aramaic Aramaic name of dorcas meaning gazelle F
13 Tabitha Aramaic Gazelle.symbol of graceful beauty, Enchanted. F
14 Tabitha Biblical Clear-sighted, a roe-deer F
15 Tabitha Greek GazeIle. Beauty, grace. From the Aramaic word for Gazelle. F
16 Tabitha Hebrew Beauty, grace. From the Aramaic word for Gazelle. Biblical - Tabitha of the New Testament (Acts 9:36) was noted for good works. F
17 Tablita NativeAmerican Tiara (Hopi). F
18 Tabor Biblical Choice, purity, bruising. F
19 Tabora Spanish Plays a small drum. F
20 Tacey Latin Silent; hushed. F
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