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1 Zaahida Muslim Variant of Zahida: Hermit. Ascetic.. F
2 Zaanannim Biblical Movings, a person asleep. F
3 Zabrina English Form of Sabrina: a princess. F
4 Zaccai Biblical Pure meat, just. F
5 Zada Arabic Huntress; fortunate. F
6 Zafirah Arabic Victory. F
7 Zafirah Muslim Victorious. Success.. F
8 Zagir Armenian Flower. F
9 Zagiri Armenian Flower. F

10 Zagros Unknown sweet, feminine F
11 Zahavah Hebrew Golden. F
12 Zaheera Muslim Variant of Zahira: Shining. Luminous.. F
13 Zahida Muslim Hermit. Ascetic.. F
14 Zahira Muslim Shining. Luminous.. F
15 Zahirah Arabic Dazzling. F
16 Zahirah Muslim Variant of Zahira: Shining. Luminous.. F
17 Zahra African Flowering. (Swahili). F
18 Zahra Arabic White. F
19 Zahra Egyptian Flower. F
20 Zahra' Muslim White. Radiant.. F
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